Recently Completed Metro Projects

EGS Technologies Corporation is pleased to announce the completion of several recent metro projects worldwide, with more scheduled in 2019. EGS recently provided high resolution data over the following metro areas:

Detroit (USA)
Moscow (Russia)
San Francisco (USA)
Cape Cod, MA (USA)
Manila (Philippines)
Tampa, FL (USA)
Manhattan, NY (USA)
New Delhi (India)
British Columbia (Canada)
New Brunswick (Canada)
Ciudad Juarez (Mexico)
Aqaba (Jordan)

We are also pleased to announce scheduled completion of EGS’ proprietary 1m/30m hybrid clutter data over the following metro areas within 2017-2019:

London (UK)
Tokyo (Japan)
Monterrey (Mexico)
Sydney (Australia)
Melbourne (Australia)
New Delhi (India)
Hong Kong (China)
Jakarta (Indonesia)
Rome (Italy)
Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Osaka (Japan)
Mumbai (India)
Beijing (China)
Shanghai (China)

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