International Projects

As a provider of geodata for the wireless telecommunications industry, EGS Technologies Corporation is pleased to announce its completion of multiple projects over portions of six continents in the past few months.

“These projects range in area size and data resolution across the spectrum of our capabilities” stated Andrew Baffes, EGS Technologies Corporation’s Vice President. “From two meter building height databases to coarser resolution databases for regional, national and continental coverage areas, our team and its partners provided a host of solutions for our clients.”

Geographic databases typically provided range from population and demographic data, clutter, terrain and bald earth DEM, linear vector features, orthoimagery, feature heights, and other geographic and spatial databases. Countries where projects were recently completed include: Argentina, Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Indonesia, Italy, Jamaica, Netherlands, Norway, Suriname, Turks and Caicos, and United States. Continental databases were also recently delivered over Africa as well.

For more details about our geodata archives and new map services please review our website or visit our Contact Us page to discuss your needs with our team.