Clutter Heights

Clutter height data, used in concert with high quality clutter and terrain data, is an important additional geodata option for engineers who conduct radio designs. Derived from both public and private sources, the resulting clutter height data provides an estimate of the height of clutter data on a per bin basis. Instead of simply applying an average height to each clutter class, the clutter height data layer provides a per-bin measurement of clutter height.

Where clutter height data is of significant benefit over other options is reflected in suburban areas where trees and other features may be present. Vegetation can be a major consideration for radio planning in an urban environment, and clutter height data captures vegetation heights as well as built-up features.

Significant portions of the USA are now available from archived data, and new product sources can be generated on demand. Additionally, we offer clutter height data internationally through our third party partnerships.

Please click on our sample below to review the Cincinnati region. The area covered reflects not only Cincinnati’s dense urban environment but also forested, residential agricultural and aquatic areas.

Ideally suited for 5G, small cell, WiFi, fixed wireless and backhaul applications, this data will likely improve the results of any wireless prediction application. For more details please contact EGS to discuss this and other database options.