2 Meter Building Height Geodata

EGS Technologies Corporation is proud to announce recent orders to provide 2 meter resolution building height data for multiple urban regions within the United States. The data will meet a variety of high resolution modeling studies in the mobile telecommunications industry.

“Generation of new building height data at this resolution represents one of our many high accuracy geodata solutions” stated Andy Baffes, EGS Technologies Corporation’s Vice President. “When combined with orthoimagery, vegetative elevation layers, clutter, terrain and vector databases it becomes another powerful geodata layer for microcell modeling, line-of-site analysis, and other engineering functions where the highest accuracies are required.” Derived from stereo satellite imagery, the data is customized for each customer’s project requirements.

A variety of immediately available geographic database layers at various resolutions are available covering locations throughout the world from EGS Technologies Corporation. Check back often for more details about recently completed projects, and see our Contact Us page to discuss your geodata needs with our staff.